The Gallery

Majyk’s Work


Hey ink fans! I’m Majyk Matthews, owner/artist at American Eagle Tattoo of Tulsa. In 1995,after serving my apprenticeship with BigRick Matthews, who became my husband the same year, I began my adventure in the world of Tattoo. Having worked with some of the greatest Tattooers around the world including Shahn Anderson (Electric Dragonland), Ian of Reading (Reading England), and Buddy Wheeler (Tattoo Charlie’s), I bring an appreciation of technical tattooing along with a love of realism to my art.

A life time of traveling the world and immersing myself in other cultures and aesthetics, along with collecting my own art from top notch Tattooers has given me a unique outlook and imagination that I’m happy to be sharing with the great people here in Tulsa. Your body is a temple….I’m here to decorate the walls! Remember, there’s only one way to find out!

Big Rick’s Work


Hi, I’m BigRick Matthews, owner/artist of American Eagle Tattoo of Tulsa. I do traditional style Tattooing with my own flare & twist. My Tattoo’s are nothing short of bold. In 1990, I learned to Tattoo under the late Moose Rutter of Body Works Tattoo of Penn Hills Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh, my home town.

I value each client for more than just getting paid. Word gets around if one has been mistreated or not and if the work stands on its own merit. Here at American Eagle Tattoo of Tulsa, we provide award winning Tattoo’s at an affordable price, in a clean modern studio with a light hearted atmosphere. Your Tattoo experience should be fun and I see to it that it is. So, stop on in. Hey, there’s only one way to find out.

A Clean, Modern Tattoo Studio